We take PRIDE in our people, and in serving our guests.

Our mission is to be a thriving and respected restaurant company that creates experiences where team members want to be and guests want to go. We bring our mission to life in each RMH restaurant by coaching, leading and living from our core values of PRIDE!

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RMH Pride

At RMH Franchise we take PRIDE in our work.


We totally own our actions and are accountable for our results.


We treat others the way we want to be treated.


We do what we say we're going to do, and always do the right thing.


We continuously grown and improve our teams, ourselves, our company and our communities.


We foster a fun, energizing and engaging place to work and grow.

Bright Award Winners

The BRIGHT Award is intended to recognize those individuals who have made a contribution to a restaurant, a community or potentially all of RMH that provides long-term, positive and sustainable change. One BRIGHT Award winner is selected every quarter and the winner receives an award of $1,000 and two Runners Up receive $250.

Previous Winners

  • Bright Award Winner Nicole Derheimer
    Q2 2019 Nicole Derheimer
  • Bright Award Winner Rose Guerra Porter
    Q1 2019 Rose Guerra Porter
  • Bright Award Winner Renee Calcaterra
    Q4 2018 Renee Calcaterra
  • Bright Award Winner Dan Cantrell
    Q3 2018 Dan Cantrell
  • Bright Award Winner Tad Chiyo
    Q2 2018 Tad Chiyo
  • Bright Award Winner Ashley Davis
    Q1 2018 Ashley Davis
  • Bright Award Winner Nicole Walker
    Q4 2017 Nicole Walker
  • Bright Award Winner Peyton Ellis
    Q3 2017 Peyton Ellis
  • Bright Award Winner Robin Jenkins
    Q2 2017 Robin Jenkins
  • Bright Award Winner Gina Courtney
    Q1 2017 Gina Courtney
Bright Award Winner Alex Angelov
Q3 2019 Bright Award Winner

Alex AngelovServer in Valparaiso, IN

"Respect, Integrity, and Engagement. This guy goes all in to honor his bet. Alex, you are an amazing guy. Come on in to Valparaiso Applebee's to see this Green Bay Cheerleader today. I am sure there will be more pics to share as the day goes on. Please share your pics with the #rmhpride and #freshprinceofapplebees.”

This was my post on Sunday, 9/15th as the Bears lost their first game against the Packers.  Alex made a bet with one of our guests at the bar, Mark, and a team member, Katie Koch, that if they lost he would dress as a Green Bay Packer Cheerleader for one shift and wear a Packers Jersey for his bartending shifts for the rest of the month.  The Bears lost, and Alex did not hesitate to honor his bet.  He posted the bet on social media and received a strong following.  We continued to post pictures and videos throughout the day of him cheering and "stunting".  It was a great day and drove in a lot of business for us.  We have been down in sales due to construction in our area and guests fought the construction to come see Alex in his outfit.  His section was full for both his shifts on Sunday.

We even received some high guest praise on the Valparaiso Restaurant and Reviews Facebook page.” - Chrissie Byers, GM

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